October 10th, 2016

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Now more than ever, your people are at the heart of your business success. You might have the slickest processes, a bold strategy, and the latest technology, but if your people aren’t happy – you’ve got a problem.

People want to feel valued, and there are many ways to show them you care during their time working with you.

Technology giant Cisco recently rolled out an initiative they call “Moments that Matter,” which focuses on making employee experiences memorable. Cisco has defined the 10 most important moments that matter in their employee lifecycle and deliberately designed the experience which should accompany each of these moments. It’s about recognising the importance of the times that define your employees time at work: their first day, landing their first sale, or celebrating a work anniversary.

The average worker spends around 2000 hours a year at work. Each one of those hours is made up of experiences, and each one of those experiences is made up of moments. It is up to us to make those moment matter.

Experiences create the bigger picture


Experiences create the bigger picture of what it’s like to work for your company. It’s your employer brand. If these moments don’t match expectations, you’ll probably find it leaves a bad taste in your employees mouth.

These expectations give you the opportunity to make lasting impressions. Go further than people expect. A brand new Macbook and iPhone on their first day is no longer the holy grail, it’s an expectation. Every moment should reflect what your business stands for.

More workers than ever before are working remotely. Dunedin based tech firm, Timely, run their entire team remotely, 31 employees across multiple cities with Dunedin as their main ‘hub’. As part of their one year anniversary they are given the ‘Timely bath robe,’ It is their way of acknowledging their “more than casual work attire.” We think this is a great way to acknowledge the one year work anniversary – a moment that matters.

Timely Bath Robes

Timely staff with their one year anniversary robes. Image: Timely Blog


In our modern world of work, we can’t afford to hope that people will be happy in their job. Visual branding and superior products only go so far. Your brand comes down to your people, those moments you create cannot be left to chance.


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