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Develop confident and capable leaders

Do your leaders know the role they play in delivering strong business outcomes? At Humankind, we have seen the practical challenges that leaders face. Our workshops will support your leaders to build the capability and confidence to lead your people, and your organisation.

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Why this programme?

Modern leadership

Modern workplaces require modern leadership. We look at what it takes to lead the workforce of the future.

Experienced facilitators

Our team have real world leadership experience. They draw from their own leadership stories to build connection and deepen learning.

Connect with like-minded leaders

Share and learn from each others' leadership experiences.

Manageable time commitment

Manageable time commitment (3 x 4.5 hour sessions) with time to focus on practice, reflection and learning between sessions.

Employee-centred approach

We coach leaders on the importance of putting the employee at the centre of their conversations.

In-house workshops available

Depending on the size and needs of your organisation, we can offer in-house workshops for your leaders.

Upcoming Workshops

2023 Leadership Cohort Dates (3x 4.5 hour sessions):

Wellington Cohort Two:
24th August, 13th September, 12th October

Auckland Cohort One:
12th October, 19th November, 7th December

This programme gives leaders the tools and confidence to effectively lead others and build their own self-awareness.

We've supported leaders at:


"Humankind's Leadership course brought us together as leaders aspiring to do better and gave us the focus, time to reflect and tools to make that actually happen."

- Alex Herdman, Product Owner - Method Ltd

Investing and setting up your leaders for success will also set your business up for success. Your leaders will come out of the Programme with practical tools and techniques to lead themselves, their teams and organisations effectively.