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Director of People & Culture

Ilze deals in the unspoken bonds that tie organisations together. Bonds based on empathy, trust and camaraderie. Bonds that take time to build but outlast any contractual obligation. Ilze is, by nature, a deeply collaborative human being and helps organisations develop collaborative capability through the development of these bonds.

Ilze is a learning-junkie. Her theoretical knowledge is balanced by her practical experience and the two are under constant self-scrutiny. She helps leaders apply the same scrutiny to their own beliefs and behaviours – cycling through iterations of improvement to develop better self-awareness and depth of understanding.

Ilze is part of any Humankind work which requires a “human lens” applied to it. She is also responsible for developing Humankind’s own methodologies and practices through the application of this same lens. Her nose for pragmatism means her advice always comes with a healthy dose of business sense attached.

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+64 29 639 8000