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Director of Delivery

Naomi is really into plans, systems and processes - but she's really quite fun, honestly!

As our Director of Delivery Naomi is responsible for looking at how we deliver for our clients and making sure that we are doing this in a way which means our clients are chuffed and our team loves the work they’re doing. Double whammy.

Being a pragmatic person with an ability to distil complex situations down to key components means Naomi helps our clients see the wood amongst the trees and reduce the sense of overwhelm, which, can accompany many of the people situations business leaders regularly grapple with.

Naomi has an impressive background in both employment relations and generalist people & culture within multinational organisations such as Xero and Ice Breaker. Having worked in New Zealand and overseas for many years, Naomi has earned stripes in cultural competency across a variety of industries and sectors. But wait, we’re not done yet, this incredible experience is backed by a professional legal grounding in employment and industrial law.

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