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We’re a managed HR services agency that helps organisations of every size plan and execute employee experience strategies that reduce risk and improve performance.

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Idealism meets pragmatism.

Once, HR efforts were focussed solely on contractual obligations and performance reviews. Today, the needle has moved sharply towards fostering empowerment and performance across each and every layer in an organisation. Modern HR is now fully focussed on uncovering the latent potential of your people.

What makes Humankind different is the way we strike a balance between the opposing forces of the ideal outcome and the pragmatic path. We’d love to change the world – in fact, that’s exactly what we’re trying to do – but we also know that any journey worth taking involves many steps. Take your first step with us and start the journey.

“Modern HR should be focused on designing and delivering exceptional employee experiences to unlock performance potential.”

- Samantha Gadd, Founder and Director - Humankind


Our pursuit for purpose.

The team at Humankind comes together under one simple thesis: businesses led by a genuine purpose will always outperform those without. Seeking purpose is a fundamental human motivation and a well articulated purpose will focus your leaders, and their teams, on the bigger picture. It is also a powerful tool for attracting new talent, connecting you directly to their well-held beliefs. It is the single most important puzzle piece separating truly great organisations from the rest.

Our purpose is to bring humanity to work. We believe in kindness at work and every day we help leaders put their people at the centre of their decision making process. We know employee-centred workplaces outperform the average. In culture. In performance. In results. This is why we do what we do.

Humankind by the numbers

Team of 35
+300 years combined experience
Founded in 2012
+500 clients across 30 industries
All of Govt. approved