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30 September 2022

The EX Manifesto

Excellent recently brought together influential EX practitioners, future thinkers, and ideators to create the world’s first EX manifesto. Our Chief Executive, KP, travelled to Austin, Texas to take part and has written an update to share with the community.

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30 September 2022

Supporting mental health and wellbeing at work

Supporting your team’s mental health is a one-size-fits-one approach. This article won’t provide you with a step-by-step template for mental health and wellbeing matters. Instead, we hope this article offers you awareness around your options and responsibilities as an employer and some strategies to consider.

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1 July 2022

Restructuring with humanity

With the increased cost of living and talk of a recession looming, we know some organisations are struggling and may need to make the difficult decision to downsize or change the way they are structured to weather a challenging period.

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1 July 2022

Whistleblower Policies

Do you have a whistleblower policy? Changes to The Protected Disclosures Act came into force on the 1st of July. Read on to see the changes and what this means for you and your organisation.

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30 June 2022

The Ultimate Good Guide

We have pulled together all 6 written articles from the Good Guides series to create the Ultimate Good Guide. How handy is that!

26 May 2022

Leadership in the Hybrid World

With hybrid and remote working here to stay, it’s time to rethink how you lead and foster your people in these environments.

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20 May 2022

How to support an employee with a long term, or terminal illness

It is hard to describe the heartbreak and fear colleagues and leaders face when an employee shares they are suffering from a long term or terminal illness. Supporting an employee who is going through this is challenging for everyone in the workplace.

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6 May 2022

Leveraging your EVP in a competitive talent market

To attract and retain the right talent to deliver on your organisational objectives and stand out from competitors, you need to be clear about what you offer your people.

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