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We love to share ideas.

At Humankind we like to share what we are working on or ideas we think will help you and your organisation to thrive. We're passionate about what we do and don't think we should keep it to ourselves.

24 August 2020

Embedding Purpose - our journey

Embedding purpose isn’t easy, neither is changing ways of working. I am keen to share our experience of doing both at Humankind, as this journey forms an important part of our story.

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10 June 2020

Supporting our teams to thrive as the office reopens

It’s been two months of adrenaline. Keeping our organisations going and supporting our teams to stay safe have been important and heavy loads for leaders to carry.

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4 June 2020

Deciding what’s most important right now – times have changed!

COVID-19 has brought with it a huge amount of upheaval for businesses. Many have had to slow down, stop or change in response to the lockdown and the current economic environment.

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19 May 2020

Restructuring with humanity

As a number of us breathed a sigh of relief to be moving to Alert Level 2, there are many employers who are having to make the tough, heartbreaking decision to cut costs and make people redundant.

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30 March 2020

COVID-19 Considerations for employers

Each employee will experience the impacts of COVID-19 in a different way. We encourage all leaders to have empathy with each employee, while still making the necessary decisions.

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13 March 2020

Health & Safety when working from home

For many of us, COVID-19 has turned our homes into our place of work. Many employers are scratching their heads about what this means from a health and safety perspective. Are they now responsible for every employee’s ‘workplace’ even when they have no control over the employee’s home?

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13 September 2019

Mental Health Awareness Week: Developing an employee-centred approach to wellbeing at Humankind

With so much of our lives affected by what happens at work, we’re excited to share our thoughts about supporting wellbeing in the workplace. In this post we describe how we recently refreshed our own Wellbeing Philosophy using Employee Centred Design.

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9 August 2019

Employee experience is as much about people as it is the design we wrap around them.

Erica Keswin went from discouraged consultant to workplace strategist. Like many of us, she found herself working on projects that weren’t going anywhere.

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