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Ilze Walton & Samantha Gadd | 21 April 2021

Managing Change Projects with a human touch

When you realise your structure will not enable your strategy, it can be daunting, to say the least.

Understanding the capability you need to deliver new and ambitious objectives is only the first step.

We were grateful for the opportunity to work alongside this mid-sized public sector organisation. Beginning with discovery to understand the employee perspective, we were able to co-design a structure and ways of working that would support a new and important focus for this organisation.

Managing change with a human touch

Leading change is one of the most challenging aspects of being a leader in an organisation today. A key learning for this organisation was the importance of truly understanding the individual needs across the organisation. Because of this, we can engage in a meaningful way and support the wide range of needs and emotions. Understanding the diverse requirements and setting up internal reference groups played an important role in the success of the execution.

The second key learning for everyone involved is that if change is in the wings, don't delay. Uncertainty is almost always the most challenging aspect of experiencing change in an organisation, for both leaders and employees.  The time between recognising your organisation structure and ways of working will not support your organisation to thrive or achieve strategic objectives, and actually being set up for success is challenging for everyone involved.

Our thoughts for other organisations in this predicament:

"It was a very authentic experience. Humankind got to understand who we were as an organisation, they adapted their approach and individualised it to meet our needs and our cultural elements."

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