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See through the eyes of your employees.

Real, honest insights into the daily ups and downs of your employees are more valuable than almost any other feedback. The people who are truly connected to your mission will always want to work on ways to improve the way you’re delivering on that mission. Give these people a vehicle for their ideas and discover the untapped value of your most important resource.

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"Humankind immediately grasped the complexity and dynamics of the situation. They worked closely with us to scope the project so that it would address the immediate issues but also support the long term health and culture of the Department of Corrections. Throughout the project, they encouraged us to take a people centric approach, ensuring the solutions would contribute to moving us forward." Richard Waggot, Deputy Chief Executive

Culture insights & discovery services

Employee experience discovery.

Once you’ve seen your business from the inside out, you’ll never look at it the same way again. Your employees sit on a goldmine of insights you can use to improve efficiencies, create value, and – more importantly – connect your people to your mission. Even the act of engaging in conversations with your team about their experience will start to bring everyone closer together.

HR discovery.

A birds-eye view of your HR practices will help you identify holes in your employee relationships that fall short of modern best practices. Think of it as a kind of “once over lightly” across everything that sits between you and your employees. Plus, when you get Humankind involved, you don’t just get a list of what’s missing, you’ll get fast-fix recommendations as well as a tailored approach for the rest that factors in your unique situation.

"Following an initial foundational piece of work undertaking an HR Audit to find out where the gaps and opportunities were we agreed a plan of attack. Humankind very much take a tailored approach to meet the needs of the Company as it evolves over time."

- Steve Wiggins, Chief Executive - Payments NZ