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An employee-employer relationship framed by well-worded guidelines and constructive conversations lets you focus on developing your business with confidence. Practical employee relations isn’t a legalese-filled list of obligations. It’s a set of practices that will help you develop performance in each employee and to resolve small issues before they become real problems. When you see your employees as stakeholders – rather than just paid labor – you will build more collaborative, trusting relationships.

Go from ‘me’ to ‘we’.

"Humankind have helped us with a wide range of issues, and have approached each assignment with energy and professionalism. In particular we’ve benefited from their experience in helping develop policies that resonate with our growing organisation and which can also meet our requirements in the public sector." Ed Montague, Chief Operating Officer

Employment relationship services

Employment agreements

Signing an employment agreement is a key moment for any employee and it should be celebrated as such. When your documents use language that creates clarity and empathy you will do your employer-brand a world of good. We’ll help you build better employment agreements that embody your brand and set the right tone on day one.

Employment investigations

We have a team of experts with deep experience in supporting clients with investigating workplace issues (such as allegations of bullying and harassment, serious misconduct). Before launching any investigation, we always encourage clients to assess whether an investigation is the best port of call or whether a more restorative process might be more appropriate.

Workplace policies

Workplace policies return value when they're designed with employees and reflect the business culture and its way of doing things. This approach builds reciprocal trust between leaders and teams, and these policies become a symbol of the care and attention you put into your employees’ working lives.

Disciplinary issues

Disciplinary issues often raise hard-to-deal-with emotions on both sides of the table. We help organisations confidently apply a practical approach and work towards a more holistic resolution. Our goal is not to wield the stick. We want to inject carrot-based activities to improve both employee performance and your working relationship.

Personal grievances

When everything goes pear-shaped, not only will you lose focus on your work, the risk of not finding a fast and full resolution can have a crippling impact. With our support and well-tested approach, we can help you build that resolution quickly and give you the confidence to free up your headspace for other things.