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Leadership is learned more than it is earned.

Being good “on the tools” and being good at leading others in the same pursuit are two completely different things. And yet, for far too long, the path to leadership has been carved by tenure instead of training. Truly good leadership requires, firstly, self awareness and, secondly, the ability to adapt your game plan to the personalities of the people under your charge. We can help you develop both.

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"Humankind's responsiveness to our needs and adaptive approach suit our business. The positive impact of their Leadership Development programme became evident in the high results for 'Leadership quality' in a recent internal survey. Their programmes and approach do make a measurable difference.” Kai Taylor, Organisational Development Manager

Leadership Development & Training services

Group workshops.

When leaders get together in an environment that fosters frank conversation, ideas and experience cross-pollinates into new learning. Not only will your leaders understand more about their role in these workshops, they also learn more about your organisation at a macro level and find new lines of collaboration. No two organisations are the same and neither are any of our workshops.

Individual coaching.

Every leader needs to build their leadership style around their own personality and skills. When we work on developing leadership skills at an individual level, we always start by understanding the person first and building the learning schedule second. This way, we can further strengthen their style and build in the missing pieces of the puzzle.

"Humankind's Leadership course brought us together as leaders aspiring to do better and gave us the focus, time to reflect and tools to make that actually happen."

- Alex Herdman, Product Owner - Method Ltd