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The difference between organisations that flourish, and those that flounder, is the way they adapt to change over time, and there’s no better adaptation than a proactive one. We’ll guide you to a clear view of your future, and help you execute your plan when the timing is right.

Design your future

"We have worked with Humankind for years as the Nursing Council's first port of call for all things people and culture. They took the time to get to know us, tailoring solutions to provide exceptional service. Their leadership within organisational planning and capability development has played an integral role in the Nursing Council achieving our strategic objectives." Lindsay Hiener, Director Business Innovation

Organisation Strategy & Design services

Change management.

If it’s time to make a change there is one thing that is more likely to determine a successful transition than any other; securing the trust and buy-in of your employees along the way. We help organisations make smooth transitions to new organisational structures, new systems, or new values and cultures in a way that makes sure everyone shares the same vision.

Organisation design.

Whether you’re making changes under pressure or to meet a new opportunity, your effort down the line will be better spent once you have a plan in place that blends any economic factors with the human factors you have in play. We have experience across a wide range of industries and our external perspective helps to filter internal biases.


An organisational strategy in action is worth two on paper. We help businesses take each transformation step thoughtfully and use the outcome of each step to validate the strategy we’re executing to. We won’t swamp you with impractical frameworks or principles. We’ll guide you through a prioritised list of actions designed to fit your need and your need alone.

Performance and development.

Clear responsibilities and boundaries, communicated with an empathetic voice, will set your staff up with both the framework they need to stay focussed and the empowerment they need to feel connected to their work.

People process design.

You should be able to see your organisation’s mission, strategic goals, and customer needs reflected in every business process. If the connection between what you’re trying to do, and what you’re actually doing, is feeling a little tenuous, it’s probably a good time to look at how to realign the two.

Mergers and acquisitions.

The retention of key people and workplace culture are both indications of a successful marriage between two businesses. Due diligence doesn’t end with a list of assets and liabilities, it should factor in the culture and human capital opportunity between the parties.

People Strategy.

If your strategy for pulling talented people into your organisation (and keeping them) starts and finishes with a salary and perks package then there is a world of untapped potential out there waiting for you. People who are good at what they do look for organisations that mirror their own core beliefs – so let’s talk about them.

"We approached Humankind to help us define and articulate ‘Our Why’ as an organisation, as well as clarify and further develop our values and employee value proposition. We got the real deal, Humankind are experts in their field."

- Rob Woodward and Josh Rea, Directors - Find Recruitment