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Director of People & Culture

You won’t be around Anna for long before you hear the word leadership come out of her mouth. Whether it’s what it means to be a great leader, coaching leaders to understand themselves better and the impact they have on others or leading our awesome team of P&C consultants, Anna is all about leadership.

She’s well positioned to do this too, having been involved in creating leadership development programmes, leadership coaching and leading her own teams for much of her career. You could call it an obsession, but we prefer the term expert.

Anna also loves a good buzzword. Well, turning something that she’s connected with into something that she’ll speak passionately about until you can’t help but jump on board.

Anna connects the dots between vision and strategy and what people do on a daily basis - bringing meaning into how people work and ultimately drive business success. She’s not afraid to speak her mind and hold herself and others to account for staying true to their organisational values and commitment to their people. She does this for us and will support you to do that too - it’s all about building deeper relationships.

+64 27 336 8465