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Director of Employment Relations

Charlotte has a keen interest in fences – the kind you find at the top of the cliff. After a long career watching organisations call in emergency services to deal with shattered employee relationships, she has developed an affinity for proactivity. She helps organisations who work with Humankind get in front of problems and apply cultural, procedural or behavioural changes sooner rather than later.

Charlotte’s background in employment law means she’s dealt with her fair share of challenging employment disputes. However, her greatest strength is not enforcing rules or taking sides, it’s resolution. She takes a holistic approach to her work and helps organisations build stronger working relationships by instilling practices that build trust and empathy from the C-suite all the way down to the interns.

In a profession often mired in legalese, Charlotte brings a refreshingly familiar vocabulary to the table – one that doesn’t require a thesaurus to make heads or tails of. She embraces the greyness of personalities and perspectives, and adapts her approach to fit the room. It’s a trait she adapted while working in large law firms and has fine tuned at Humankind.

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