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Founder & Director

Above all, Samantha is a business owner and is passionate about creating real business success stories – for Humankind and for Humankind’s clients. She has been at the top of the HR game for over a decade and still has a healthy dissatisfaction for “old school” HR practices.

Samantha embodies the leadership she helps others to develop and uses every day as an opportunity to learn something new about herself and the future of the HR industry. It’s this combination of unflinching self awareness and arresting commitment that makes conversations with Samantha so interesting.

Samantha cut her teeth working inside law and business consultancy firms. It was there that she discovered the glaring gap between industry-standard HR practices and a more modern, human way that desperately needed adoption. She’s hell-bent on turning New Zealand into a country other countries look to for inspiration on the future of work.

+64 21 999 269