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Chief Client Officer

Jenny carries with her the weight of experience earned by leading the Employment Relations practices of one of New Zealand’s largest organisations: the NZ Police. She’s a one-two-combo of empathy and pragmatism, making her particularly well-equipped to help organisations deliver more value through an improved understanding of their own internal workings.

A conversation with Jenny leaves you in no two minds about where she stands – or whether she has the authority to take that stand in the first place. However, her no-nonsense demeanour is not one that is wielded like a club – it’s more like fencing; always executed with grace.

Jenny has seen the realised value of engaging employees in the creation of new workplace policies and practices at their outset. She’s a vocal advocate of a new, modern way of building relationships between employees and employers and helps organisations find the balance between company-wide policies and their enforcement at the level of each individual.

Jenny has a strong background in employment law, having worked as an employment lawyer for 17 years, predominantly in the public sector. Jenny sat on NZ Police's Senior Leadership Team prior to joining Humankind.

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