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Our wealth of know-how is matched only by our storied histories across a wide and diverse range of work environments. We are united in our mission to change the future of work for the better, and have a healthy dissatisfaction for traditional ways of doing things.

Our leaders


Kalyn Ponti

Chief Executive Officer

+64 27 778 4749

Kalyn has had one of those good ol’ mailroom-to-boardroom careers. Her journey to the position of CEO at Humankind began on a shop floor for the North American retail giant Aritzia.

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Samantha Gadd

Founder & Director

+64 21 999 269

Above all, Samantha is a business owner and is passionate about creating real business success stories – for Humankind and for Humankind’s clients.

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Jenny Williams

Chief Client Officer

+64 21 536 537

Jenny carries with her the weight of experience earned by leading the Employment Relations practices of one of New Zealand’s largest organisations: the NZ Police.

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Suzanne Cross

Chief Experience Officer

+64 27 499 1522

Leading hundreds of co-design engagements over the last decade or so, Suze is in no two minds about what makes a project successful, it’s people.

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Charlotte Bates

Director of Employment Relations

+64 22 413 6638

In a profession often mired in legalese, Charlotte brings a refreshingly familiar vocabulary to the table – one that doesn’t require a thesaurus to make heads or tails of.

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Humankind_Anna Muir_2000x1100px.jpg

Anna Muir

Director of People & Culture

+64 27 336 8465

You won’t be around Anna for long before you hear the word leadership come out of her mouth. Whether it’s what it means to be a great leader, coaching leaders to understand themselves better or leading our awesome team of P&C consultants, Anna is all about leadership.

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Naomi Jones

Director of Delivery

+64 22 5682 796

As our Director of Delivery Naomi is responsible for looking at how we deliver for our clients and making sure that we are doing this in a way which means our clients are chuffed and our team loves the work they’re doing. Double whammy.

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Our Team

Charlie Hughes

Associate Director

Currently on parental leave

Megan Kirk

Associate Director

+64 21 911 651

Nicola Dunn

Associate Director

+64 27 483 6595

Jenae Turner

Associate Director

+64 21 0882 2422

Matthew Moorehead

Senior Client Partner

+64 22 090 0830

Charlotte Brochoire

Senior Client Partner

+64 225 273 201

Adrienne Scott

Employment Relations Specialist

+64 22 310 1471

Gretta Bringzen

Employment Relations Specialist

+64 22 613 5336

Marine Bucher

Service Designer

Currently on parental leave

Nirvani Niranjan

Client Partner

+64 22 105 1041

Steve Gadd

Director of Business Services

+64 21 087 955 81

Tulsi Sukha

Chief Financial Officer

+64 22 091 5524

Louise Lethbridge

Employee Experience and Operations Manager

+64 27 324 6704

Emma Sygrove-Savill

Design Manager

+64 27 821 9677


Shannon Sim

Office Experience Administrator

+64 22 044 7556

Ilze Walton


Sarah Cantwell


+64 21 524 366

Melanie Brewer


+64 21 772 064

Kate Klouwens


+64 27 210 4520

Anna Wright


+64 21 893 290

Aimee Groom


+64 27 768 1555