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Chief Executive Officer

Kalyn has had one of those good ol’ mailroom-to-boardroom careers. Her journey to the position of CEO at Humankind began on a shop floor for the North American retail giant Aritzia. Not long after starting at Aritzia, she was managing a shop floor, then the whole store, then the rest of the district, until finally she landed the role that saw her take the reins as Regional Director for Central Canada.

In her role as Regional Director, Kalyn’s first step was to establish a clear vision for people to bind to. She then built and developed a team who were committed to pursuing that vision. In doing so, her team out-performed every other region; three years in a row. The proof in this people-investment strategy was realised when the systems Kalyn established were also scaled out across the rest of the organisation.

Kalyn concentrates her day-to-day efforts at Humankind on building better business performance and, as such, she has two duties: Firstly, she works to make Humankind a stronger machine every single day. She tests the tools and processes, that we endorse our clients to adopt, within our own business. Secondly, she’s the voice of the “business owner” when Humankind is building new people-centred strategies.

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