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Chief Executive Officer

Kalyn (KP) approaches every day with a singular purpose; to show the world that thriving humans at work, and commercial success, go hand-in-hand. She's seen it, lived it, seen it go wrong, and now, as CEO of Humankind, she's responsible for two things: helping others create environments that embody this philosophy, and making Humankind the benchmark for organisations to measure themselves against.

KP's career path has exposed her to all kinds of high-performance workplaces, most notably when she was a Director on the team that led North American retail giant, Aritzia LP, to list on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

During her time working both inside and alongside these workforces, she's developed a knack for unlocking human potential and leading organisations to commercial success. She believes that strong leadership is not only rational and decisive, it's empathetic, collaborative, and human-centred.

Balancing the head and the heart, or charting a course of performance through humanity at work isn't easy – it's a skill earned through time in the field – but it's this 6th sense that helps KP and Humankind deliver on their purpose every day.

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