Meet The Team

We believe that you’re only as good as the people around you – working with us means working with all of us. We are confident that the depth and diversity of our experience provides the innovative solutions you need to thrive. Imagine what you could accomplish with the whole of Humankind on your side?

Samantha Gadd

Chief Executive Officer 

Jenny Williams

Chief Client Officer 

Kalyn Ponti

Chief Operating Officer 

Steve Gadd

Chief Financial Officer 

Charlotte Bates

Director of Employment Relations 

Melanee Stevens

Director of People & Culture 

Ilze Walton

Associate Director of People & Culture  

Melanie Brewer

Senior Client Partner 

Leighton Abbot

Senior Client Partner 

Charlie Peacock

Senior Client Partner 

Stephanie Gray

Senior Client Partner 

Adrienne Scott

Employment Relations Specialist 

Louise Lethbridge

Client Partner 

Campbell Good

Client Partner 

Ella Griffin

Client Partner 

Sophie Tuia

EXA Programme Co-ordinator 

Michelle Taylor


Sarah Cantwell


Kate Klouwens


Anna Muir


Sandy Hall


Sophie Mellor


Olivia Dyet


Dylan Healy


Aleena Arunkumar

Workplace Coordinator // EA